Historic organization continues push to keep redevelopment off Ft. Negley

(Ft Negley Park Photo by Jodi Totten)

An organization is opposing widespread commercial redevelopment by listing Ft. Negley as the most endangered historic property in Nashville.

Every year, Historic Nashville, Inc. lists the "Nashville Nine," a list of nine properties endangered in the area. But this year, the organization is only releasing the "Nashville ONE," focusing its efforts on Ft. Negley.

“Historic Nashville believes that commercial development is the wrong decision for this property. We hope the designation of Fort Negley Park as “Nashville One” will encourage the city to reconsider the current plans,” said Jenn Harrman, HNI president. “We stand ready to work with the city and many partners to find a solution for this unique historic site that both supports the needs of the community and honors the African American history that makes this a site of international significance."

Organizers say Greer Stadium and and neighboring Fort Negley are where former slaves came to find their freedom when the Union Army arrived.

“The location of Greer Stadium is part of the original footprint of Fort Negley. As others have noted, there is no ‘Greer Stadium’ site that is separate from Fort Negley Park.,” said Harrman. “Our desire – in agreement with many partners including Friends of Fort Negley – is that this property be restored as part of the historic park.”

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