Only on Fox: First Ever Uber Relode On-Demand Job Fair

Only on Fox 17: Two companies are using a cool way to find the best talent Nashville's hot job market.

You can get almost anything on-demand with mobile apps, and now you could even get a job interview.

Luke Marlin is Nashville Uber's general manager. He is partnering up with, a Brentwood-based recruiting service. With a high demand for top employees, they're hosting an on-demand job fair in Uber backseats.

Matthew Tant, Relode CEO, says "Companies have to think outside of the box and be innovative and disruptive for the city of Nashville, to help companies find talent that they may never find in a traditional setting."

Marklin says, " To provide value to our riders, we're all about experimenting to find ways to create innovative solutions on-demand Any Uber user this afternoon was able to open the app and request an interview with some of the best companies in town. "

Aspire Health, Asurion, Avenue Bank, Dave Ramsey, Healthstream, Navihealth, Smile Care Club, Uber, and Relode job opportunities await. Sean McHugh has a marketing degree. He and other candidates don't know which company will pick them up after entering the app code.

McHugh says, "I really enjoyed the opportunity. It was really laid back, really fun. Something I've never done before, it's pretty innovative."

All resumes and interview notes are put in Relode's software and shared with all the employers. The interviews lasted about 15 minutes. The impact is lasting longer, with several candidates getting follow-up interviews. Uber says it is planning a similar, yet bigger event in the near future with the success of this job fair.

For more information on the on-demand job and businesses involved, visit:

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