Man charged with rape of minor on TSU's campus

Darius Booth-Metro Nashville Police.

Tennessee State University is investigating a rape that occurred on campus last month.

According to police, a student at TSU stated that Darius Booth, raped a minor at the Hale Hall overflow parking lot. The victim reportedly met Booth, a former TSU student, on Twitter.

The victim called Booth to talk and when he arrived, they began to ride around in his black Dodge Charger to find a parking spot. Upon arrival to the top of the Hale Hall overflow parking lot, the victim stated that they were exhausted and began to fall asleep in the passenger seat.

Booth began groping the victim's legs and back area. The victim asked him to stop, he didn't, and then raped the victim. Booth did not stop until the victim began to cry and got back into the driver's seat. The victim then reportedly ran out of the vehicle crying hysterically and called a friend to pick them up.

According to police, Booth stated that he was 23 years old, but investigation determined that he was 29.

Booth was arrested on Wednesday night and is being held on $5,000 bond. He is set to appear in court Oct. 13.

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