Officers investigating rash of threats at Wilson County Schools after Florida shooting

(Wilson County Sheriff's Office)

Some students at Wilson County Schools have been arrested or charged while the sheriff’s office investigates multiple threats made in the wake of a deadly school shooting in Florida.

The county has been overwhelmed with threats since the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, Fla. that claimed 17 lives. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Friday that it failed to report a tip received last month to the Miami FBI branch regarding accused gunman Nikolas Cruz.

Meanwhile, a Wilson Central High School student was arrested after authorities said the student got into an argument with someone off-campus. The student apparently threated to do harm to the other person at school. Police arrested the student.

At Mt. Juliet High School, authorities said a threat was made by at least two students about doing harm to other students during a pep rally on Friday. Police interviewed the students who said they were “joking.” The students were charged with false reporting and will be going in front of a juvenile judge.

Authorities are investigating two separate incidents in Lebanon. FOX 17 News learned a .22 caliber bullet was found on a bus carrying student from Lebanon High School to Carol-Oakland Elementary. It’s unclear at this time who the bullet belongs to. There have been no arrests in that case.

Graffiti with threatening messages is also being investigated at Lebanon High School. It was found in a stall in a boys’ bathroom. Officials aren’t releasing what exactly was written, but did say the words threatened harm to the school. There have been no arrests in that case.

Some Mt. Juliet Middle School parents told FOX 17 News they pulled their kids out of school Friday due to reported threats.

Karen Broadaway said a student threatened her 8th grade son. She said the student sent a video to other students with a picture of a gun and threatened to shoot her son.

Broadaway reported the incident to school officials, who said they are monitoring the situation. She also said she reported it to the Wilson County Sheriff's Office. Deputies questioned the student but did not make an arrest.

WCSO Lt. Scott Moore said he's a parent and wants to do more, but he is limited by the law.

“There is certain evidence we have to have," Moore said. "We just can’t have a picture. We have to have more proof with that. We have to have proof that one party is harassing or threatening another party. In this situation we didn’t have that."

Another parent said he heard about the threat and pulled his 14-year-old daughter out of school for the day.

"I’m not going to sit back and worry about somebody’s feelings or worry about political correctness," Steve Creekmoore said. "We need to bring this to people’s attention, and someone needs to act on it and do something about it."

Jennifer Johnson, Wilson County Schools spokesperson, provided the following statement from the district.

"This school district takes all threats of violence seriously. The Wilson County Sheriff's Department is investigating, and administrators at the school have been cooperating with them on the investigation, since early this week."

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