Now 19 Tennessee Mongols Motorcycle Gang members accused of murder, kidnapping, more

(MGN Online Photo)

Nineteen members of the Tennessee Mongols Motorcycle Gang are accused of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and racketeering.

An 62-count indictment was returned by a Grand Jury on Wednesday, charging 19 members of the Clarksville chapter of the gang with serious crimes.

Previously, 15 member of the gang were accused in a January indictment for racketeering conspiracy murder, kidnapping, and large-scale drug trafficking. Only one member named in the indictment, Stephen Cole, couldn't be located.

Now officials believe Cole was kidnapped and murdered. Four additional members of the Mongols Motorcycle Gang are charged in his death, as well as the crimes leading back to March 2015. Accused are:

  • William Nelper, aka “Flip,” 49, of Trenton, Kentucky;
  • William Boylston, aka “JC,” 27;
  • Jason Meyerholz, aka “Country,” 43
  • Christopher Wilson, 35, all of Clarksville, Tennessee

According to a news release from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Nashville, Boylston, Meyerholz and Wilson kidnapped Cole at gunpoint on Nov. 19, 2017. The defendants took his shoes, wallet and cell phones. Boylston and Meyerholz are accused of taking Cole to Nepler's home in Trenton, Ky., murdering him, disposing his body then burning all the evidence.

If convicted, the four accused face a minimum of life in prison and possibly the death penalty.

The nineteen gang members are charged with a slew of crimes. Read a breakdown here.

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