Non-profit Nashville youth baseball league needs help getting to Pre-Majors World Series

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Right now a Nashville baseball team is using the sport to keep kids on the right track.

The non-profit youth league, Parkwood Community Club, is still in need of help to send their team of teen all-stars to Florida where they will compete at the Dixie Youth Boys Baseball Pre-Majors World Series July 28th-August 1st.

Parkwood is a non-profit organization, annually providing organized baseball and softball to approximately 300 boys and girls ranging from ages 4 to 18.

FOX 17 News attended practice for the Parkwood Community Club’s team of 17 year old boys who made it to the World Series. They practice to perform well on and off the field which means the world to assistant coach Edward Jakaway.

“It means they'll be able to do more than just get in trouble,” Jakaway said. “They can go to school and want to go to college.”

Dongelia Davis’ son Peishence Davis in on the World Series bound team. He’s 16 and has been playing since age 4.

“With so much going on nowadays I feel like there's so much other things he could be into but he's wanting to stay on the narrow path of baseball,” Dongelia Davis said.

While stories of kids and teens getting arrested in Nashville continue to disrupt the city, these young men are far from that path. Instead they’re working summer jobs, playing ball and just won State Championship last week.

“It's just a fun game to play,” 16 year old Peishence Davis said. “I have good role models in my life. My parents, family members that help me out and keep me on the right track.”

The non-profit is raising money to be able to send the boys to the Dixie Youth Boys Baseball Pre-Majors World Series July 28th-August 1st

“I hope that people feel the need to give to a community that has been broken in the past and we can just uplift it and get these boys to the World Series,” Dongelia Davis said.

“I’m ready to go down there and play,” Peishence Davis said.

“If they don't go pro, at least I hope they’ll be able to go and be working in the community, have good jobs, want to go to work and be a part of the community,” assistant coach Edward Jakaway said. “Just doing something positive. That's really our whole goal is down here, trying to keep the kids positive and hopefully they'll do positive things.”

Click here for the GoFundMe.

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