New video shows moments after fatal shooting of Jocques Clemmons by Nashville officer

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Previously unreleased security video in the fatal shooting Jocques Clemmons by a Metro Nashville Police officer shows the moments following the shooting.

Metro Police shared the video with FOX 17 after a resident shared video taken from a different angle which shows Clemmons on the ground and being told by another officer who arrived on the scene to stay still. FOX 17 asked Metro Police about the 10 second video and was advised Metro is aware of the video. The department then shared the new security camera footage.

In the 10 second clip shared by a resident, Clemmons can be seen lying on the ground with his arms up following the shooting. As two officers stand near the wounded Clemmons, no officers appear to touch him while on the ground. However, in the video shared by police, Officer Lippert can be seen kneeling beside Clemmons after the shooting. It is unclear if Officer Lippert is attempting to render first aid, securing Clemmons, or taking other actions in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.

The new video comes days after family members and representatives with the NAACP questioned actions by officers following the shooting. During the press conference, Clemmons' cousin asks "My problem with the situation is why didn't anybody try to revive him? Nobody tried to revive him...even when the paramedics came nobody gave first aid." Clemmons mother also contended "he died at the scene."

Both videos shared with FOX 17 do not show the full context of events or what took place before or after. It is unclear if any other videos related to the investigation exist or would shed further light on the situation, actions taken.

Metro Police say the FBI is monitoring the investigation as is the U.S. Attorney's General Office.

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