New Tennessee laws to know effective January 2019


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--As Tennesseans prepare to ring in the new year, new laws will also go into effect on January 1, 2019.

From wine sales in grocery stores to immigration, here are some new laws that will soon go into effect:


-Retail packaging stores were able to start selling alcoholic beverages on Sunday this year, but retail grocery stores were not included. Starting January 6, grocery stores will be able to sell wine on Sundays between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m.


-HB2315/SB2332 will prohibit local and state governmental entities from adopting 'Sanctuary City' policies. While local governments had already been regulated by the law, this bill added state government entities to the list along with law enforcement agencies and officials.

Also, any state or local entity which adopts a sanctuary policy will be ineligible to receive state funds until the policy is rescinded.


-SB0619/HB0631 was signed by Governor Bill Haslam in May of 2018 and goes into effect January 1. Under the law, each local board of education will have to develop a policy and implement a program to reduce potential sources of lead contamination in drinking water at public schools.

Drinking water at school facilities built before January 1, 1998 will be forced to follow the new guidelines.


-HB0108 will require women seeking an abortion in the state to get an ultrasound as part of their examination prior to the abortion. The person who performs the ultrasound will also need to offer the woman the "opportunity to learn the results of the ultrasound."

Also, the report of abortion must indicate if a heartbeat was detected or not during the ultrasound.


-HB2004/SB2022 requires the Tennessee Department of Health to establish and maintain a public toll-free telephone line and web-based hotline for citizens to report potential opioid abuse or diversion.

Also, any establishment or entity which prescribes, dispenses, or handles opioids must display a sign calling for citizens to call the hotline if they suspect abuse. Anyone who calls the hotline will be "immune from civil liability" relating to their reporting.


-HB1344/SB1399 requires public schools and public charter schools used as polling places for regular November election to be closed for instruction on election day. For elections outside of the normal November election it willl be up to law enforcement agencies to decide if the schools should close.

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