New 24-hour Sun Diner opens near Lower Broadway

The 24-hour "Sun Diner" opens near Lower Broadway. (WZTV)

Downtown Nashville's first 24-hour diner is open for business, but some fear this all night eatery will attract the wrong kind of customers after the Honky Tonks close down.

The Sun Diner is a great looking place on 3rd avenue north.

"I think it definitely needs more food down there, when people are drinking, you always want to have late night snacks", said, local resident, Ashley Kowalski.

With a recent rash of downtown violence, including the murder of a tourist from California just a few blocks away, some worry a 24-hour establishment could spell trouble, "That's hard to say, I think it could, just by driving more people to the area. At the same time, you drive more people, you're likely to drive more police to the area and Nashville, especially downtown Nashville, seems like a very secure place."

Staff inside the diner say they feel very safe and confident in metro police to secure the downtown district.

Magen Runyan, a local resident says, "we've gone down there several times with our friends late at night. It's never really felt unsafe, so as long as people are paying attention they'll be fine."

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