Fears mount as Tennessee man bonds out on 11th DUI arrest


A Rutherford County man bonded out of jail Monday after facing his 11th DUI arrest over the weekend.

Officers arrested Tobey Busby in Rutherford County Friday for his 11th DUI, according to Busby’s criminal history. The Rutherford County Jail said Busby bonded out the same day of his DUI arrest.

A Middle Tennessee mother wondered how it’s possible for repeat DUI offenders to continue driving on roads. Phaedra Olsen, Mothers Against Drunk Driving state director, faces each day in a wheelchair after being hit by a drunk driver.

“It's frustrating to me because law enforcement is doing the right thing,” Olsen said. “Law enforcement is keeping the person off the highway.”

Olsen said she wants to see change within the court system before someone else is hurt or killed by a drunk driver.

“The doctors did the only thing they could do to save my life,” Olsen said. “They shut off the blood supply to my lower extremities. By doing so, it killed the nerves in my spinal cord and left me to be a paraplegic. I'll spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.”

Olsen said she’s concerned about repeat DUI offenders like Busby.

State Representative William Lamberth serves as the chairman of the Criminal Justice Committee in the State House of Representatives. Lamberth said he sees this issue all the time across Tennessee.

“If someone is a repeat drunk driver and they just continue to drink and drive and won't stop, then that is something under the law that these judicial commissioners should be taking into account when setting the bond," Lamberth

Rep. Lamberth said lawmakers have provided tools for local judges such as ignition interlock devices for cars but said he sees a problem.

“Those tools, I do not think, are being used anywhere near as frequent as they should be used,” Lamberth said.

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