Neighbors say pipes burst, left water damage in Nashville apartments

Fox 17 News

Frozen pipes are thawing leaving a mess for homeowners and tenants across Middle Tennessee on Friday.

"Here is where the water was coming down, and it’s starting to break open the ceiling," LaTosha Matthews said.

On Tuesday, Matthews said she and her son came home to a mess.

"As I opened the door, water came out everywhere and we kind of just stood in the living room both looked at each other and started crying," Matthews said. "Just to see your apartment flooding with all of your things."

The water damage in her first floor apartment is extensive.

"My bedroom is probably the worst because the hole is really big in here," Matthews said.

Matthews doesn't have renters insurance and believes management at the Meridian At Hermitage is responsible for what happened in the vacant apartment above hers.

"No one lives up there," Matthews said. "I'm guessing that there was no heat on, no one to leave the faucets dripping so the pipes burst and everything leaked into my apartment."

Residents at The Cleo in East Nashville said their apartments flooded when sprinkler lines ruptured.

Renters insurance is required but one resident tells Fox 17 News she believes the building, which is less than a year old, might not have been properly insulated.

"If the pipes are covered under the lease agreement, depending on what happened to them, that's going to be the first place that you like to determine who is responsible," said Attorney Michael Wrenn of Freeman and Fuson Law Firm.

Wrenn isn't involved in either of these cases but said it can be difficult to prove who is fault for water damage.

"You would have to have some sort of expert to testify to say who it is or what the cause is for that," Wrenn said. "Of course that can be something that's expensive if you try to litigate that issue."

LaTosha Matthews hopes it doesn't come to that in her case.

Management at the Cleo emailed a statement.

"Similar to other properties in the Nashville area, The Cleo in East Nashville (“Cleo”) experienced water line breaks as result of the sub-freezing temperatures that impacted several apartment homes. In response to this event, management promptly engaged a disaster restoration company to begin extracting the water and remediating the damage to the affected homes. The focus of Cleo’s management has been, and remains, on the well-being of our residents, and, therefore, the priority at this time is to get our impacted residents’ homes repaired to the original condition they deserve and expect in an expeditious manner. We would also like to show our appreciation to the countless neighbors at the Cleo for their immediate response and generosity to help out the affected residents in this difficult circumstance. "

Fox 17 News did not get a response from the Meridian At Hermitage.

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