Neighbors next to Cobra Bar relieved to see murder charges

Cobra Bar-FOX 17 News

We’re learning more about the double murder in East Nashville that's left an entire community on edge for weeks. Now, three men face charges surrounding the killings of Jamie Sarrantonio and Bartley outside a birthday party at the Cobra in East Nashville.

Demontrey Logsdon and Horace Williamson III are accused in those murders. Lacory Lytle is accused of using the victim's stolen credit cards.

Caria Holland's four kids are always playing in their huge backyard. Right on the other side of their fence, sits the Cobra Bar.

For them, the bar parking lot used to be a shortcut to Walgreens. Now, it's the place police say two men shot and killed Jaime Sarrantonio and Bartley Teal.

"I would say they were terrified for a while because they go in and out, they go in and out that fence," Holland said about her children.

Holland says the night of the murders stands out vividly to her.

“I woke up to police beating on the door saying did you hear the shots? No, I didn't hear anything,” Holland said.

In the month that passed, with no one facing charges for the crimes, Holland says nerves got higher and higher.

“That could have been me, easily,” Holland said, “Scary, mainly because my kids are running around and it was random acts. You didn't know when it was gonna happen. So, very scary.”

After throwing all resources into the investigation, a grand jury indicted Demontrey Logston and Horace Williamson in the murders.

“A crime like this that puts Nashville on edge, Metro Nashville Police Department has done a phenomenal job of putting all resources, inner-departments, it just didn't matter,” Assistant District Attorney Kristen Kyle-Castelli said.

While this is just the first step in a long process, it's a step that has Holland and her family breathing a sigh of relief.

The three men are still under investigation for the murder of Kendell Rice. That murder happened in August as she walked to a bus stop along Alta Looma Boulevard.

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