Nashville neighbors fear their kids' safety is at risk in a housing boom neighborhood


Donelson neighbors shared worries about their children's safety on Thursday as the area experiences a housing boom.

A sign outside the home of Angus Nelson, a father of two, reads 'Drive like your kids live here.'

He moved to Donelson’s Rivercrest neighborhood because he wanted a peaceful street with hardly any traffic at all for the kids to play.

"This is where they're throwing their footballs," Nelson said. “This is where they're learning to ride their bikes.”

That could all change as the Metro Nashville considers knocking down the fence at the end of Rivercrest Pass and extending the road. The road would connect a proposed neighborhood of 46 single family homes just east of the Stones River.

"Which is awesome,” Nelson said. “We're really excited for the growth of Nashville and our area. That's fantastic. However, at the same time, it's also infringing upon our own community and the fact that they want to open up the road right next to us."

Nelson is one of dozens of neighbors who wrote letters to the Metro Planning Commission against the extension. They fear it could see drivers cut through from Lebanon Pike, which is right next to the neighborhood.

“People are like water,” Nelson said. “We take the path of least resistance. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that people are going to be blowing through this neighborhood trying to get past traffic that's down Lebanon Pike."

“The developer doesn't want the road any more than the neighbors do,” said Dwight O’Neal of Century Communities, the developer of the community.

O’Neal said understands the concerns of neighbors but said the project won't get approved without some sort of connecting road for emergency purposes.

Whether that's a full extension of the existing road or a gated pathway open only to emergency vehicles is still to be decided.

But either way, neighbors aren't happy.

Thursday night, Metro voted against extending the road.

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