Neighbors call for change as video surfaces of large fight at Nashville high school

14 students charged, 2 students cited after large fight in Nashville high school (FOX 17 News)

Video of the brawl that led to sixteen students being arrested is now making the rounds on YouTube and social media.

The YouTube video shows a fight at John Overton High School in Nashville on Tuesday.

Diane Janbakhsh, who went to the high school, said this isn't the school she remembers.

"Truly sad; it's really troubling," Janbakhsh said. "That was my old high school. I graduated from Overton and to see kids with that much tension it's really a very sad thing."

Metro Nashville Police said the brawl between male Latino and Kurdish students resulted in 16 arrests. After Tuesday’s lock down, one student said tension between ethnic groups is running high this year.

"It was between what we call FOBs, fresh-off-the-boat kids, Hispanic kids and also Kurdish kids," 11th grader Victor Mendoza said. "In the morning, there was a lot of tension between them, name calling."

"When I heard on the news there been a struggle, it shocked me because I know the principal," said Metro Councilman Fabian Bedne. "I know she runs a great school."

Overton is an ethnically diverse high school with around 1900 students, a number that raises concerns the Metro Councilmen.

"I wasn't aware of any problem, gang related problems in the school," Bedne said. "I'm wondering if this is maybe the result of overcrowding having too many kids in the same school."

Six months ago, Diane Janbaksh transformed part of Nolensville Pike into an area celebrating the Latino culture in Nashville.

"Plaza Mariachi was the place we designed to be a taste of all of the different Latino cultures," Janbaksh said. "I'm Hispanic so it was very important share my culture and my heritage."

It's a mindset she said she hopes to see at her alma mater after Tuesday's violent outburst.

"It was unfortunate, but I hope the longer that we're open and more people learn about us we can teach people how to coincide how to love and live together,” Janbakhsh said.

Next week, administrators said they'll have counselors proactively working with students to identify challenges they may be dealing with that contributed to the fight.

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