Neighbor describes calling 911 with wife of missing Nashville firefighter

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UPDATE (3/17/18): The body of missing Nashville Firefighter Jesse Reed has been found in the river in Humphreys County. His body has been sent for autopsy.


As the search for a missing Nashville firefighter nears a week, a neighbor described the frantic moments when his wife knocked on her door calling out for help.

It's been almost a week since anyone has seen or heard from Nashville firefighter Jesse Reed, a man who chose a career where he risks his life to save complete strangers.

Investigators said Reed disappeared when his truck went into the Tennessee River in Waverly around early last Tuesday morning. His truck was found submerged 10 feet underwater. Detectives said it’s strange that the truck windows were rolled down, which would make the truck sink faster.

Joyce Dunaway lives across from Jesse Reed and his wife's river home. That river property was one of two homes searched by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation on Friday night. The TBI also executed a search warrant at the couple's Pegram home Friday night.

Dunaway said she saw the couple leave home in the truck around 10:30 p.m. last Monday night. Just a few hours later, Dunaway said Reed's wife frantically knocked on her door at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday morning

"She kept saying 'help me, help me'," Dunaway said. "My daughter opened the door, and she came in and she just sat right down. She didn't fall. She sat, and my daughter immediately called 9-1-1."

Dunaway said the back of Reed's wife's shirt was wet. She told Dunaway and her daughter that the truck went into the river.

"She just kept saying 'oh my husband, my husband' and was in shock, strictly in shock," Dunaway said. "She was in a terrible shape, freezing, barefoot."

Reed's wife works as an EMT for Cheatham County.

When asked about the search warrants, Humphrey County Sheriff Chris Davis said it would be irresponsible for him not to use all resources possible since this is a missing persons case.

Davis said there is no evidence that Reed is not in the river so they will continue searching the water.

"Some of the things that happened in the initial onset was a little different to us," Davis said. "My understanding is from the investigators on scene that night there was a little bit of a delay of the initial call from the time of the incident."

The sheriff also said the cell service is not strong in this area.

While the search continues, first responders said it is especially sensitive as they're searching for one of their own.

"We need the prayers to keep coming so we can give this family and agency some closure in this situation," Sheriff Davis said.

The search continues for Reed on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

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