PHOTOS: Nathan Bedford Forrest statue along I-65 in Nashville vandalized

(FOX 17 News)

The Nathan Bedford Forrest statue along Interstate 65 in Nashville has been vandalized.

FOX 17 News crews took photos Wednesday of the statue, which appeared to be covered in pink paint.

It's unclear at this time exactly when the statue was vandalized. The statue depicts Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest on a horse, shooting behind himself. It's been at this location since 1997.

FOX 17 News reached out to statue owner Bill Dorris, who said he didn't know about the vandalism until we called him.

"As many times as I've been out here dealing with it, I'm over it," Dorris said. "It don’t make me feel good, but you know what. They may be getting their rocks off that way.”

The incident comes just a week after two Confederate statues were removed from Memphis city parks. A move that Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers said "politically motivated" by "individuals and groups who want to promote a divisive agenda using claims of racism and bigotry against anyone who respects history."

“As long as we’ve got people like the mayor of Nashville and the governor for the state of Tennessee just egging them on, who’s going to stop it,” Dorris said.

Over the years, the statue on I-65 has caused controversy, with some calling for the statue to be blocked from view, which was declined by TDOT.

“Well, if they would read their history book and find out what it’s all about, the ‘War of Northern Aggression’ was about taxes, it was not about slavery,” Dorris said. “Lincoln couldn’t find a real good reason to have a war, so he decided it was all about slavery. Two different issues right there.”

Right now, Metro Nashville Police are not investigating, since Dorris just found out about the vandalism on Wednesday. They may investigate later.

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