Nashville's first community solar park goes live

Photo: SayCheeeeeese / Wikipedia

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Madison is now home to Nashville's first community solar park.

Music City Solar went live in Madison on Wednesday, touting 17,020 photovoltaic solar panels which will power NES customers without installing the equipment at homes. Here’s how it works, for a fee, residents can pay into Metro's first solar panel park, which in turn will slightly lower your monthly bill.

The solar panels are spread out over eight acres of a former landfill in Madison.

"It's about the community," Tony Richman with NES said. "It allows everyone an opportunity to participate in bringing clean renewable energy to Nashville."

Richman claims the park is for everyone, no matter your income. He said residents can participate by subscribing to a panel with a one time $215 fee, then receive a monthly credit for the next 20 years that adds up to about $12 per year.

“215 dollars for 20 years, I mean forego going to a concert or how many fast food or restaurant meals that would be - That's not very much at all. Solar power is a cool thing,” resident Heather Reynolds said.

The facility is expected to add 55 million kilowatt-hours of energy to the Nashville power grid through the array's lifetime.

Nashville residents are embracing the city’s move. ”The best part of this is this farm is adding kilowatt hours to the grid, and it's free, incoming, sure I'd do my part,” resident Jeff Wolf said.

The second option allows residents to buy a subscription for family members or friends called the Solar Angel Program.

NES will also be working with the Solar Angel Program, a program where companies and individuals can make tax-deductible donations to the Community Foundation which in turn will purchase solar panel subscriptions to assist low income customers.

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