Nashville valet service accused of putting extra miles on cars, damaging people's rides

In a city like Nashville where parking and traffic can really put drivers behind, using a valet car service can be convenient. But, what if the valet driver put lots of miles on your car or even damaged your ride? Several people with accusations came forward who want you to hear what happened to them.

Mom Andrea Rizk doesn't always pay the $28 dollar a day premium price to valet at Nashville International Airport, but she did last week adding, “I paid above and beyond what I normally would have to be able to make it to my child's game.”

Rizk had a quick work trip, and valeted so she would get her car quicker when she got back.

That didn't happen, but she says plenty more did.

“It took them over an hour to bring me my car. There were about 25 people also waiting and when I went into address it with the info desk, they told me I was lucky because it had taken people over the weekend more than an hour and a half to receive their vehicles,” Rizk said.

While she says the wait was bad enough, she explains there was so much more, “Where my seat was supposed to be and the presets had been changed and then I got a little further down the road and messing with the radio and the radio presets had been changed and someone's blue tooth was hooked up to my car. I was pretty astounded by the fact there was clearly mileage put on my car that I had not put on my car.”

Rizk estimates a valet driver put 50 miles on her car and the complaints keep rolling in on social media with customers saying, "Took me over an hour to retrieve from valet. Horrible service." "I used them recently. I hid $600 cash really well in my car. It was stolen. They shouldn’t be going through compartments in my car." "Same thing happened to me when I flew back from Chicago last week. They were not at all apologetic."

David Adams writes, "Worst experience ever and they were terrible." He's out of town again, so he spoke to FOX 17 by FaceTime. He explains, “I waited about 45 minutes for my car and they scratched my wheels on my car, two to three inch scratches.”

Adams wants his car fixed. Rizk missed her son's game adding, “I could have gotten to my son's football game if I had parked in long term parking.”

Both Rizk and Adams say they can't get anyone to call them back from BNA. Rizk adds, “They're just complicit in effectively ripping people off. You can't offer a service, have me pay a premium for it and then not deliver. It's just dishonest.”

The airport didn't want to respond on camera, but got back with FOX 17 with this statement: “We apologize for the recent longer than normal wait times in our Valet lot, as this is not the level of service we want to provide at Nashville International Airport. Due to construction of our future ticketing wings and Concourse D, our Valet operations had to be relocated to the north end of the terminal building on Oct. 1. Since the move, we have been experiencing higher than normal wait times in the Valet lot at certain times of the day. We are working with our Valet service provider to improve the process including re-striping the remote staging area to hold more cars and minimize wait times. Any passengers who have experienced unsatisfactory service in our Valet lot should call our parking Manager directly at 615-275-1659 so we can resolve the issue.” Shannon Sumrall, Director of Communications at Nashville International Airport.

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