Nashville truckers upset over new logging device requirement

Nashville truckers upset over new logging device requirement (Fox 17 News)

Truckers are protesting a new mandate aimed at keeping drowsy drivers off the road.

Some trucks are already equipped with electronic logging devices, but this month they'll be required for all truckers. Truck driver Teresa Saunders said the new device aimed at protecting drivers might be doing just the opposite.

"You can't fiddle with that thing while you're driving," Sanders said. "It takes too much concentration. You don't know what they're going to do if you'll get hit or not."

Truckers are being required to install electronic logging devices that monitor driving time. Independent trucker Lisa Schmitt said ELDs won't keep drowsy drivers off the road and is organizing protests.

" Hours of service have been in place," Schmitt said. "The problem with the ELD mandate is number one, it's an illegal mandate from the government. It’s unconstitutional. It’s kind of like Obamacare where they're forcing us to purchase the device and pay for it ourselves. It’s something that we don't want."

Motorists see it differently.

"I myself have been involved in a trucking accident not too long ago," Patrick Gullett said. "It was a hit-and-run so I'm thinking maybe if a black box had been used in that vehicle perhaps it wouldn't of happened."

"If you're abusing the system, if you're going to run like I did as a kid and drive all the way to Texas from Canada and sleep from 10 hours and drive all the way home I do not think you should do that anymore," said Robert Corvaglia. "A lot of guys are still doing it I know they are."

Advocates believe ELDs will save lives, but truckers say it will cost billions of dollars.

"Everything you have in your possession your house your clothes your food is brought by trucker," Schmitt said. "This cost is going to be passed on because we have to make a living."

Teresa is still adjusting to the new device in her rig.

"Everything has to be on time, and this computer log is putting us way behind," Sanders said. "Half the time we're always late because of those things. They don't make no sense at all. It has nothing to do with safety"

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