Nashville, Tennessee could have four different mayors in 17 months

Former Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, current Mayor David Briley, who will be succeeded in a special election this August.

The City of Nashville could now have four different mayors in a 17 month span.

Former Mayor Megan Barry ended her tenure on Tuesday after pleading guilty to felony theft of property in a plea deal which also required her to resign from her post. In her place, Vice Mayor David Briley was elevated to the position of mayor until August 2, 2018, when a special election will be held to elect the next mayor.

Candidates to replace Briley will have until April 5, just under one month, to qualify for the position. However, the person elected will only fill the seat until August 2019, since it will be a special election.

Barry's term was slated to end in August 2019. Since the general election for mayor takes place on odd numbered years during general elections, it won't be until August 2, 2019 that the city will have a mayor selected to serve a full term.

In the meantime, Councilwoman Sheri Weiner will replace Briley as Vice Mayor. The Metro Council will elect a deputy for the time being, while Weiner fills the role of Vice Mayor. The president pro tempore role will expire August 31, 2018.

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