Nashville pastor sleeps on roof until supplies are collected for entire elementary school

A Nashville pastor camped out on a rooftop to help gather school supplies for an entire elementary school. (Ryan Bult)

WEST NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -- A Nashville pastor camped out on a roof to call attention to elementary school students need for school supplies.

Pastor Ryan Bult set out on his journey late Sunday afternoon. His mission: to gather 425 backpacks and school supplies, enough for all of Cockrill Elementary.

Bult spent the night on the West Nashville Dream Center roof and used social media to spread the word about his cause. Residents quickly responded.

By midday Monday, Bult had reached, and even surpassed his goal of 425 backpacks and school supplies.

The backpacks will be handed out Tuesday at parent/teacher night for Cockrill Elementary. Students go back to school on Thursday.

Bult says although he has come off the roof, the donations keep pouring in and they are all being accepted. Any additional supplies will be handed out to middle and high school students.

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