Public Works investigates fake towing stickers on cars in popular Nashville neighborhood

(Fox 17 News)

Several towing stickers are popping up on parked cars near Hillsboro Village, and neighbors question if they are actually real citations.

In a booming part of town, Hillsboro Village clearly comes with parking issues. The party behind a recent rash of parking violation stickers remain a mystery.

Mena Han-Lalime got off work on Friday to find an orange sticker on the driver's side window of her car.

"I mean parking tickets are irritating, but this is more irritating that I don't know who put it there," Han-Lalime said. "It's just left there, and I don't know if something is going to happen to my car or someone is going to try and track me down because it says my license plate was recorded."

Recently, she is not the only driver to return and find a sticker on their car parked on Acklen Avenue.

The neon notes vary, but generally say the car is subject to towing. It doesn't list a company, name, address or contact information which leaves many questions that some drivers hope are addressed.

"It definitely seems like something you could have bought at a store and stuck on someone's car that you didn't want in front of your apartment," Han-Lalime said. "The upside-down-ness kind of made it seem less professional. Like if it was Metro, they would have just left a parking ticket because I've gotten parking tickets in Nashville."

Metro Public Works said the notice stickers are not from their department, nor do they appear to be from any other Metro agency.

Han-Lalime said if it's a disgruntled neighbor sticking it to drivers parking on their street, they can't expect no one to park there.

"If you're going to live in Nashville or even just in Hillsboro Village, it's full of restaurants, plenty of people who work here," Han-Lalime said. "You can't expect people to not park in front of your apartment if this is what it is. "

After Fox 17 News brought the issue to Metro Public Works, the department said it is looking into the matter.

Fox 17 News will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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