Nashville neighbors use social media to help fight crime, make community safer

Photo: FOX 17 News

Police are always looking for new ways to work with the community to fight crime. One of the biggest trends we've seen lately is how they're using social media to catch criminals and protect the public.

Von Moye's seen the streets of East Nashville change a lot in the past 33 years.

“I like the area and I like the people here,” Moye said.

He came to the city like many others with a banjo in hand, but eventually, he started a lawn care business.

“We can mow up to 40 yards a day,” Moye said. “I try to spend time with everybody, and this is where I hear a lot of stuff, and when you hear these things and it's in your mind and there's bad things, you want to do something about it.”

Moye hasn't been immune to the bad things.

“Two individuals stopped one day and that escalated into something really bad. They tossed oil in my face. They took a vehicle and tried to run over myself and two of my lawn crew guys,” Moye said.

He said the men eventually loaded two guns, but another neighbor spotted what was happening and ushered him inside. Attacks like that sparked his desire to do something about it.

He started the East Nashville Neighborhood Watch page about four years ago. Now, around 11,000 people contribute to the page.

There's even a woman who sits day in and day out listening to police scanners and posting to the group.

Sgt. Michael Fisher said Facebook watch groups changed the game when it comes to community engagement.

“People will go to social media to talk about crime and serious crimes that they never told us about, and I may trip up on one of those just scrolling through one of those pages,” Sgt. Fisher said. “Plenty of thefts, vehicle burglaries, even some sexual assaults that had happened in area bars.”

He says the more people talk and share, the better the community will become, which is something Moye believes in wholeheartedly.

“That's neighborhood watch. That's looking out for each other,” Moye said.

There are Facebook watch groups for a lot of the neighborhoods around Nashville that police are involved in checking out. They encourage everyone to join the groups.

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