Nashville mayor, drivers resonate with Waffle House shooting victim's request to fix I-440


People across the city say they relate to a Nashville woman's request for the mayor to fix the potholes on I-440.

Sharita Henderson and 21-year-old Shanita Waggoner are recovering from their injuries at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. They were among the four people injured and four people killed when a gunman opened fire on an Antioch Waffle House early Sunday morning.

Nashville Mayor David Briley said he visited the two surviving victims in the hospital earlier this week. When he asked 24-year-old Henderson what he could do for her, he received a response that's sparked support from many Nashvillians.

“We walked into the room, and her father said 'she just told me that she wanted to say this to you as soon as you walked in,'" Briley said. "And he went on to say, what can you do to fix the potholes on 440?"

Briley said it was a light moment in an otherwise somber environment.

“I think that goes back to them trying to pick themselves up and move on,” Briley said.

Nashville drivers across the city resonated with Henderson's request.

”That's the one thing she wants to be fixed, I mean it needs to be fixed, it's crazy that she had so much going on and the only thing she was focused on is the potholes,” Shantail Brown said. "I'm glad that she was able to smile."

Others took to social media to commend Henderson's request and show their support for her recovery.

"Your moment to speak up to ask for anything you need...thank you for being selfless, all of Nashville thanks you!"

"Lets all take a moment to really appreciate how bad the road is for that to be a priority concern after being shot. For those of you not in the Nashville area, yes it really is that bad of a road."

Even the mayor said he avoids the perils of driving on I-440.

“I try not to drive on 440 that is for sure," Briley said. "I know it needs a lot of work there's a plan in place to try and get that done as quickly as possible,” Briley said.

The future of I-440 is under the state's control. The Tennessee Department of Transportation has plans to patch potholes this week ahead of a 3-year resurfacing project funded by the IMPROVE Act.

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