Nashville man accused of attempting to kill girlfriend with razor blade

Antonio Davis (Metro mug photo)

A Nashville man is accused of attempting to murder his girlfriend with a razor blade while her daughter was inside the home.

Antonio Davis, 32, is charged with attempted criminal homicide and resisting arrest.

According to an affidavit, Davis and the victim were in bed on Monday when an argument broke out over Davis wanting the victim to unlock her phone so he could go through it.

The victim refused and Davis allegedly left and came back with a razor blade.

"If you don't unlock your phone, I'm going to cut your (expletive) throat," Davis yelled at the victim, per the affidavit.

When the victim again refused, Davis allegedly lunged forward and swung the razor blade at her, slicing her forearm. The victim yelled that Davis had just cut her to which he reportedly replied, "it don't matter, I'm gonna do more than that."

The victim then ran from the room and had her daughter call police.

Metro Police arrived to Davis trying to resist arrest and the victim saying she was in fear for her life after being cut by the razor blade and receiving death threats.

Davis is being held on a $106,000 bond.

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