Nashville lawmakers address harassment in the music industry with new bill

(Fox 17 News)

Tennessee lawmakers proposed a bill on Monday to protect people in the music industry from workplace sexual harassment.

Currently, thousands of artists who perform in Nashville and around the country are treated as freelance on contract workers. Sexual harassment laws don't cover them because technically they're not employees of the venue or record label.

Sen. Jeff Yarbro and Rep. Brenda Gilmore co-sponsored the bill to change that.

Musician Katy Armiger said she was driven out of the business by sexual harassment.

"It ranged from innuendo and crude comments to outright unwanted touching," Armiger said. "Not only was it confusing, but it was humiliating. This was happening at the hands of powerful and influential professionals that I was supposed to impress with my music"

Armiger said artists shouldn't have to choose between their art and their integrity.

Lawmakers said this bill makes it clear that everyone has a right to be safe in the workplace.

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