Nashville firefighter missing after vehicle goes into the Tennessee River in Humphreys Co.

(FOX 17 News, Nashville Fire Department)

UPDATE (3/17/18): The body of missing Nashville Firefighter Jesse Reed has been found in the river in Humphreys County by a fisherman. His body has been sent for autopsy.


A Nashville firefighter is missing after a vehicle plunged into the Tennessee River in Huphreys County.

The Nashville Fire Department said search efforts for firefighter Jesse Reed are ongoing as of Wednesday morning.

Humphreys County Deputy Rob Edwards said a vehicle went into the Tennessee River in Waverly, Tenn. early Tuesday morning. The vehicle has since been recovered, but the person believed to be inside the vehicle, now identified as Reed, has not been found.

Edwards said there was a second person involved, but that person got out of the vehicle when it went into the water.

Edwards said the vehicle was submerged in at least 10 feet of water. It is possible, but unlikely, that the person could have made it out of the vehicle and out of the water.

Crews from the Nashville Fire Department, TEMA and the Nashville Emergency Operations Center are assisting in search efforts for Reed.

This is a developing news story and will be updated.

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