Lyft driver rakes in the cash during Fourth of July in Nashville

FOX 17 News

Red, white and blue for the Fourth of July means a lot "green" for ride share drivers in Music City.

With hundreds of thousands of people in town for one of the country's largest fireworks displays, Uber and Lyft drivers are cashing in.

"The holidays definitely bring out droves of people," driver Bobby Davenport said. "On average, you're going to make between $200-$300 today."

Davenport can count on many things with more than 5,000 rides under his seat belt.

"There's always a puke story," the Nashville native laughed, but luckily only three for him in four years of driving for Lyft.

In Nashville, there are often good surprises when it comes rides.

"A lot of major celebrities that use Lyft on the regular," Davenport said. "It's exciting when you meet someone like that."

The same goes for riders whose drivers could be the next big thing. Davenport said he often gets asked if driving for Lyft is his "real job."

"I travel all across the world doing Christian music and own a graphic design business on the side," Davenport explained.

As if that doesn't sound like a strong drive, the Adams Call singer also invented a vocal spray and is on Lyft's driver advisory council.

"But music is my primary and Lyft fills in the gaps: a $1,000 bucks in a week, going home working less hours than at a traditional job," Davenport said.

That is why more musicians are getting behind the wheel. Internationally touring half of the year, Davenport changed lanes by trading in his BMW and getting a spacious mini-van.

"I got a few heckles from my friends being a 30-year-old single guy, no kids," he said. "I think it was a very grown up decision, with a larger vehicle you double your money."

With July 4th being one of the deadliest drunk driving holidays, Lyft says the number of its company's rides completed during the holiday week grew 116 percent from 2016 to 2017 in their top 5 national markets.

Davenport added that, "getting people home safely is also a plus."

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