Pantera drummer to be buried in Nashville company's unique casket

Caskets by Nashville Casket Company-Courtesy Joe Stacey

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A local company owner says they will be part of rock and roll history when Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul is laid to rest on Saturday.

Paul passed at his Las Vegas home on June 22nd at the age of 54 from unknown causes. He will be buried during a private funeral in Dallas, Texas on Saturday and what will make part of his burial unique is Paul's casket.

Paul will be buried in an officially licensed KISS casket which mirrors one his brother "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott was buried in in 2004.

Nashville Casket Sales owner Joe Stacey says his company made the KISS casket, now in it's fourth generation. "For whatever reason, the original company lost the license to make a KISS casket. Now, we're the only ones with the license."

While the casket has made headlines this week, it's not a surprise for Stacey, who has been in business for two years with locations in Hendersonville and Nashville. "There are people who will buy these caskets to be buried in but there are also people who are collectors and save them," Stacey says.

The KISS casket costs $3,000 and it's not the only custom casket sold by Stacey. A look at his website and you'll find everything from NFL and college themed caskets to Preds and hunting themed caskets.

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