Nashville businesses cash in on 4th of July

FOX 17 News photo

Wednesday topped more than 100 degrees but the real heat is on the Roadhouse Grill food truck.

Co-owner Chris Gunther parked the truck at the corner of 4th Avenue and Broadway.

“Got our brisket, got our chicken, got that ready and rockin', got our hot dogs for kids,” Gunther said.

This is the first time Gunther and his business partner have opened for business during the July 4th event. He and several other food trucks parked on Broadway cashed in on the 250,000 people that were expected to spend $20 million in Music City.

“I think we're going to hit a world record for us today," Gunther said. "If we sell everything we've got on board today, we're going to hit a world record."

Nashville is ranked one of the largest and best July 4th celebrations in the country, even bringing people from as far as Canada.

“We love country music and we always have it playing so we thought where would it be better to spend it then in Nashville," Stephanie Gross, who is visiting from Canada, said.

“We're real big country fans and we've always wanted to come,” James Howard, who's in town from Lexington, Ohio, said.

Food trucks aren’t the only businesses cashing in on the holiday crowd -- Lower Broadway’s sweet spot Savannah’s Candy Kitchen, is also excited for the sales .

“We're always busy, but the fourth is just going to be crazy,” Nadine Rigsby said.

The Candy Kitchen normally makes 200 gallons of ice cream a day, but will make nearly double that to satisfy this year’s holiday crowd. Extra workers were called in and started an hour earlier, preparing the extra ice cream, coating candy apples and rice crispy treat bars all while preparing the chocolate covered treats for the city's biggest kids.

“It never fails. You're a kid in a candy store every single time,” Rigsby said.

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