Nashville 4-year-old's epic Post Malone costume wins Halloween

Photo courtesy Michelle Dowdy

A Nashville 4-year-old is going viral for her epic Halloween costume.

Sailor, who has dressed up as celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, Justin Beiber and Drake in past years for Halloween, has outdone herself.

Sailor is definitely "better now" as she sported an epic Post Malone costume.

"My husband found Post Malone on YouTube before he went viral and White Iverson was played more times than I can count," Sailor's mom Michelle Dowdy said. "In her tiny voice she would sing what she could understand. She loves his wild hair, his music (clean versions) and his outfits (she thinks they are fun). Once the tattoos were brought to my attention it was game over from there!"

Halloween, now Sailorween to friends and family, is the perfect way for this sassy 4-year-old to play dress up.

Her mom, Nashville-based photographer Dowdy, says Sailor is quite the entertainer.

"She is 4 years old going on 40," Dowdy said. "She loves all genres of music, dancing, playing dress up and most of all being the center of attention."

So Sailorween was born and the young tot gets be a superstar.

"She has been singing Drake and Justin Bieber since she was 1.5 and that’s where the first costumes came from."

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