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Musicians fight for better parking options on Lower Broadway

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The Nashville Musicians Association is backing Lower Broadway musicians in their fight for affordable parking closer to where they perform.

Lower Broadway's musicians perform music for millions of tourists every year in downtown Nashville. This time they're asking for more than tips. They want cheaper and more convenient parking.

"Lower Broadway is the face of Nashville," said Dave Pomeroy, bassist and president of the Nashville Musicians Association. "Those musicians are entertainers, and they're entertaining tourists who come here and it's very difficult for them to make a living down there."

The problem according to many musicians is the lack of parking, forcing them to carry a lot of equipment for blocks at a time.

When asked what the solution would be, Pomeroy said he would like to see a discounted parking system for regular performers.

"I think that entities, such as the parking companies who are making a lot of money with downtown parking, could create a discounted parking system for musicians," Pomeroy said. "The hurdle for that obviously is authenticating who is a working musician, and who is someone who is just looking for cheap parking on Broadway."

Leon Watson has played bass for nearly 50 years. For the last five years, he's played on Lower Broadway.

"If there was some way to get us a parking place or parking lot or whatever for just the musicians or even a garage, it would be of great help," Watson said.

The Mayor's Office released this statement on Monday:

"The Mayor’s Office has been working with Metro Public Works to identify and secure active loading and unloading zones near live music venues to assist musicians and others. In addition, we have been closely working with the MNPD to improve enforcement of traffic violations in this area to ensure that those zones are available for the people who need them. As for parking needs, we would encourage local business owners to work with the Nashville Downtown Partnership on transportation and parking options for their employees and musicians – just as Metro and other businesses are required to do."

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