Music City Star gets 7th train stop

Hamilton Springs stop coming August 27. (WZTV)

As Nashville grows, so does traffic, which means ditching the car for regional rail is becoming more popular along Interstate I-40.

Hamilton springs will be the 7th train stop for the Music City Star -- and it's Tennessee’s first transit oriented development community, where people live and can commute in the same area without using their vehicles.

“I would definitely take the train instead of drive on I-40, it will be a tremendous blessing I’d say,” Hamilton Springs resident, Luke Willoughby said.

“Why not? When you have family from out of town you can grab the train and go downtown, I mean let’s go, we can drink and come back safely, so I’m all about it, “ Tiffany Hughes said.

The Music City Star spans 32 miles east and west between Nashville and Lebanon with several stops in between. Hamilton Springs is located about 30 miles east of downtown Nashville.

“We’re retired so we don’t need that but a lot of people do more and more all the time, better than the traffic, absolutely if you’re driving in it everyday,” Phyllis Hill said.

Meantime, there are other train tracks that go to various parts of middle Tennessee -- but those tracks belong to CSX freight. CSX says they have not received any proposal in regards to expanding commuter rail onto their tracks, nor moving busy Radnor yard to another location.

The Hamilton Springs station opens August 27.

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