Murdered Nashville musician 'breathed beauty into every word he sang'

Photo obtained by FOX 17 News

Five children are accused of murdering Nashville musician Kyle Yorlets after he refused to give them his keys.

The 24-year-old's family, girlfriend, former teachers and band mates gathered at his alma mater Belmont on Monday to share the legacy he leaves behind in the community, and across the country.

It was a day about Yorlets. It wasn't about the children accused of killing him, and it wasn't about politics either.

Those who love Yorlets tell FOX 17 News they wanted to share with the world the best parts of him that will live on.

It was his voice that spoke to the hearts of so many people. And, it was Yorlets' voice leading the band Carverton.

"It's just really powerful, and he could just do things that were really easy that we couldn't do,” said Michael Curry, one of Yorlets’ band mates.

The same man who was a friend to everyone he met.

"When I stopped drinking, every week, Kyle would tell me how proud of me he was. Just a really intense love that you don't find from very many people,” said Michael Wiebell, another one of Yorlets’ band mates.

We’re told he said "I love you" as often as possible. His girlfriend, Faith Gibson said he was "everything."

"Kyle was the guy who sang to me in the car the songs that made him think of me from his new album. I remember him singing the words, I’d fall in love with you over and over again in the middle of an ice cream run,” said Gibson.

"If I could transplant that passion and that drive and that talent and that voice, you've heard Kyle's voice. If I could transplant that then I’d be doing a service,” said Dwayne O'Brien, one of Yorlets’ music professors at Belmont University.

Although his voice wasn't heard singing at the memorial service, his legacy will live on through the words of others.

"A man who breathed beauty into every word he sang or screamed, that man was Kyle Yorlets,” said Caverton’s band manager, Nick Yacovazzi.

The band tells FOX 17 News they are going to keep making music. It's the only way for them to keep honoring Yorlets. They plan on releasing something in his memory, saying music is meant for moments like these.

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