Murder suspect booked into jail wearing slain Dickson deputy's handcuffs


The man accused of murdering a Dickson County deputy is now in custody with handcuffs used by the slain deputy.

Those handcuffs were also used to book Steven Wiggins into Dickson County Jail.

Wiggins was captured Friday morning. Wiggins and Erika Castro-Miles are charged with the first-degree murder of Sgt. Daniel Baker.

While on patrol, Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Kevin Burch spotted a person near the woodline along Stinson Road in Hickman County.

Burch approached the man and noticed his tattoos – and knew he “had his guy” – Steven Wiggins.

The trooper drew his gun, but Wiggins immediately complied and was taken into custody without incident.

Wiggins was taken to TriStar ER Natchez in Dickson for non-serious injuries. He will be booked into Dickson County Jail with Sgt. Baker’s handcuffs.

District Attorney Ray Crouch is seeking the death penalty against Wiggins and Castro-Miles.

Dickson County Sheriff Jeff Bledsoe says Wiggins’ capture isn’t closure for the department – that won’t come until justice is served.

During a news conference, Bledsoe said Sgt. Daniel Baker came in early the day of his murder to help out with the midnight shift.

Baker was in the area when a call for a suspicious vehicle came out. The vehicle was reported stolen. After not being heard from for a period of time, GPA tracking was used to find Baker’s patrol cruiser. Authorities then found Baker dead in the vehicle.

Dickson deputies are now wearing bands with Baker’s badge number “95” on them. They were donated from a non-profit in Long Beach, California.

“When you look at the actions of others and the evil that’s committed against our law enforcement officers, it’s something that bonds us and pushes us together more,” Bledsoe said.

Sgt. Baker's funeral will be held at First Baptist Church in Dickson on Tuesday and he will be laid to rest at Dickson County Memorial Gardens.

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