Investigation of multiple petroleum leaks, causing fowl smells in Gallatin

    Courtesy of Gallatin News

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) -- Authorities are searching for the source of a petroleum leak that is causing an unknown substance to come out of Gallatin grounds.

    The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s is investigating eight known locations that have been discovered with the petroleum, including Barton Drive and a section of the nearby Greenway, according to the Stormwater Utility Manager for the city, Lance Wagner, reported the Gallatin News.

    Residents reported awful smells near Barton Drive and the Greenway last year, but the first leak wasn't discovered until summer. Tests proved that the leak was not coming from water or a sewer line.

    More tests were done and petroleum was then present in the samples, additionally more leaks have been found on a nearby residential property.

    Wagner said the leak is probably coming from an underground storage tank, containing gasoline, diesel or used oil, causing the strong smell. This situation is not being seen as an immediate danger, but the community is encouraged to report any sightings.

    Officials are trying to track down any unregistered underground storage tanks, but regardless the process of stopping the leak will be timely.

    Anyone with information, or new sightings, should call Gallatin Engineering Division at 615-451-5965.

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