MTSU Poll: Tennesseans Weigh in on Abortion, Guns, Gas Tax & Syrian Refugees


NASHVILLE, Tenn.-- A new poll from Middle Tennessee State University shows how Tennessee voters feel about abortion, gun laws, the gas tax and accepting Syrian refugees.

In a statewide telephone poll of 600 registered voters, residents responded they want gun laws left as they are, believe abortion should be illegal, don't want the gas tax raised and oppose Syrian refugees coming into the state/country.


56% stated abortion should be illegal in either most or all cases.

36% believed abortion should be legal in most or all cases.

However, only 8% believed there should be stricter abortion regulations compared to 37% who believed more access to birth control and sex education are needed.

39% believe there should be a combination of regulations, birth control and sex education.

Gun Laws

44% believe gun laws should be left alone, 34% want laws to be stricter and 17% want less regulation.

Gas Tax

50% of voters are against raising the state tax on gasoline to help fund better roads and bridges while 33% were in support.

Syrian Refugees

66% of voters opposed accepting Syrian refugees into the United States compared to only 22% in support of accepting them into the country.

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