Mt. Juliet restaurant receives backlash after Marsha Blackburn visit

Marsha Blackburn holds a breakfast for employees at Courtney's in Mt. Juliet. (Photo: Tom Courtney)

MT. JULIET, Tenn. -- A popular Mt. Juliet restaurant is facing backlash from some people after a U.S. Senate candidate ate at their restaurant this weekend.

Owner Tom Courtney posted a photo of Marsha Blackburn at Courtney's on Saturday when she held an employee breakfast there for about 100 people. The post on social media drew a lot of criticism, as well as people coming to their defense.

Courtney threw his support behind Blackburn in the post, writing, "I want to welcome Marsha Blackburn to our restaurant. I hope that a woman who shares our conservative values wins overwhelmingly throughout our great state of Tennessee. God bless us all!!!!"

One person commented on Facebook, "...I can’t support a business that is supporting her. I love your food but you won’t be eating at your restaurant again."

Another person wrote on Yelp, "This place supports crooked Blackburn, and her opioid pushing! 16 years of corruption, and this place wants to reward her!..."

Courtney says Blackburn's opponent Phil Bredesen is invited to also use the restaurant if he wants.

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