Mt. Juliet Pastor's video about race and religion reaches millions

(Courtesy Greg Locke)

A video from Mt. Juliet pastor speaking about race and religion has gotten more than 10 million views in just over a day.

Global Vision Bible Church Pastor Greg Locke took to Facebook after he said he was approached by a black man asking if his church allowed black people to come to church services.

Locke told the man the church is home to many races and ethnicities and was really bothered by what the man said to him.

“We’ve had a hard time in this area finding a church where we can fit in, we just don’t seem to think people want us there,” the man apparently replied to Locke.

Locke is calling it despicable that other churches racially discriminate in the area. He says the “Bible Belt needs a new buckle.”

“Any church that would ever be selective on the type of people that it ministers to ought to close down. The local church is for everybody, the gospel is for everybody,” Locke said in his Facebook video.

The man told Locke that he and his family would be attending church there on Sunday.

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