Mt. Juliet business owner diagnosed with cancer closing beloved boutique

Courtesy Sullivan family

Clementines Boutique on Lebanon Road has all sorts of items for women from clothing to accessories — it was a dream for Heather Stokes Sullivan to open the store — but now — she’s closing it down.

Heather Stokes Sullivan loves fashion.

”I have always loved fashion, and clothing from being a little girl and would actually take the sears catalog and draw a circle around all the things somebody was going to buy me,” Sullivan said.

In 2014, Sullivan who also works in real estate, had a dream come true when she and her husband opened Clementines Boutique in Mt Juliet.

”I’ve done most of the buying and picking stuff, it’s easy when picking stuff that I like,” Sullivan said.

Around the same time the store opened — Sullivan received news that she had stage 3 breast cancer after doing a self evaluation. Sullivan underwent treatment and went into remission. She beat cancer once and had undergone treatment to keep the cancer at bay since 2014.

But recently, cancer returned and migrated from her breast to her liver — which is now threatening her life.

”I’m believing that God has done so much with me and through me with this that in life or in death that it is going to encourage someone,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan has now decided to close her store at the end of the month. Jennifer Helms has worked at the store for two years and said the amount of support for Sullivan has been overwhelming.

”Anybody that knows Heather, knows how much she loves the store and we all love her and we’re all sad to see the store go but the amount of support has been overwhelming,” Helms said.

Though the store is closing, Sullivan says she’s going to fight this illness.

”I don’t want anyone afraid to fight it, because you can, so many people don’t they’re scared to fight it, oh chemo is going to be bad or this is going to be too bad it’s not, it’s to the point where if I only have a certain amount of time do I want to spend it sick, no, I want to spend it with my husband and five year old,” Sullivan said.

If you’d like to pay Heather a visit and buy items at Clementines — a sale starts Thursday.

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