Mother of man whose remains were found in a duffel bag makes plea to catch killer

Photo obtained by FOX 17 News

It's a nightmare hard to imagine.

A Brentwood woman’s son didn’t come home one right, she reported him missing, and nearly four months later Metro Police detectives told her he had been found dismembered and stuffed in a bag.

That horrifying news was delivered to Mary Goff last Wednesday, after the Medical Examiner’s Office identified human remains found in the woods near Percy Priest Lake, behind Lincoya Bay Apartments, as Michael Goff, 57.

Mary tells FOX 17 News she can’t believe someone could such a thing to such a good person.

“Very smart, a very good man, well-mannered, he's nice to everybody he meets, he never puts a person down,” said Goff.

Michael was Mary’s only child. He moved in after his father got sick to help out around the house.

She says he worked in medical sales, and was smart, loyal, and dedicated to his job and family.

Mary said she hasn't slept in days, she’s been so heartbroken since hearing the gruesome details of her son’s death from Metro detectives.

“I can’t hardly face each day knowing what happened to him, what may have ensued, I just can't bear the thought of it.”

While Mary anxiously waits for detectives to catch who did this, residents of Lincoya Bay Apartments, where he was found, are sick of all the trouble the woods behind them seem to attract.

“It’s sad, I don’t know why anyone would do something like this,” said Lincoya Bay resident John Gooch.

Metro Police say this case is being handled by the homicide cold case unit, and the next step is for forensic scientists to determine an exact cause of death.

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