Mother of juvenile in musician shooting says it's a failure of system


Family members of one of the teens charged in the shooting death of Kyle Yorlets is saying they did their best to reach out for help, but they could never get it.

16-year-old Decorrius Wright is one of 5 kids charged in the case.

His parents say he's a normal, happy, funny kid, but now, many are calling him and the other kids thugs and murderers for the shooting death of 24-year-old Kyle Yorlets,

Many are also blaming the parents, but they say they've done everything they could.

“When she reached out to the juvenile system for help, there was no help there. And, unfortunately, this is the end result,” said stepfather Roy Knowles.

They say he's like a normal teenager. He would get in trouble for small things, and has run away before because he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do.

He's been to the juvenile detention center several times, and his mom has repeatedly asked if she could leave him there to teach him a lesson, but says they told her they'd press child neglect charges if she didn't pick him up.

“They told me, in his face, there is nothing they can do about runaways. So, he feels like he can come in the house and do whatever he wanted whenever he got ready,” said his mom Martine Wright.

They've also called child services several times, but say there was no help there either.

The two said they didn't know what else to do.

“If you whoop a child's butt nowadays, you go to jail,” Knowles said.

She says her other 3 kids are nothing like this.

“So, if I was so much of a bad parent or anything, why are my other kids not like that?”

Like the rest of the community, this suspect's family is just as heartbroken for those who knew and loved Yorlets.

“He didn't deserve it. And whoever did it, needs to be punished, because it was a senseless act of violence,” they said.

They're say they're not playing the victim, they've just needed some help.

Wright's family hopes their story and their situation can help someone else and prevent this from happening again.

Because they say our kids need help, and the system is broken.

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