Mistakes were made in Blue Alert sent out after death of Dickson deputy, TBI says

Nashville Sheriffs Office, FOX17 Nashville

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said mistakes were made when it sent out the blue alert following the killing of a Dickson County deputy last month.

TBI uses a Blue Alert to warn people that a suspect accused of harming a law enforcement officer is on the loose. The agency says it does not use this type of alert often, so there were some mistakes in the Blue Alert sent out May 30 for Steven Wiggins.

It is currently trying to expand the amount of information that can be provided in the cell phone alert.

“We're limited to 90 characters in what goes out in those cell phone alerts. That's something that we're working on with our partners to try and expand the amount of information that is able to be provided in the cell phone alert,” TBI Special Agent in Charge Josh Melton said. “Something that happened in that alert specifically is that there was an oversight on my part in how that went out.”

TBI Agent Josh Melton also said the TBI's information line went down after the alert was sent out. That led to the bureau fielding many calls from people seeking more information about the suspect.

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