Mistaken identity to blame for Nashville shooting suspect's release

Quindarius Jordan-Metro Nashville Police

Tuesday was a typical day in East Nashville on Litton Avenue and Gallatin Road. People walking. Sun shining. Cars driving by, but something scary is happening and it has neighbors afraid.

Police are looking for 19-year-old Quindarius Jordan. He’s wanted for shooting an elderly woman in the hip while she sat outside. The shooting happened October 26, 2017 near the corner of Litton Avenue and Gallatin Road.

Police arrested Jordan within minutes of the shooting and held him on a $150,000 bond but then a mistake happened. While in jail for that crime, his twin brother Quintarius Jordan was arrested. He’s accused of beating a pregnant woman at a Antioch apartment. According to an affidavit, the two were arguing over cleaning up the apartment. Quintarius' Bond was set for $5,000, but a clerk accidentally set the bond for the wrong brother.

Quindarius Jordan, who was wanted for shooting the elderly woman, bonded out on Friday after getting a lesser bond.

Fox 17 News talked with Criminal Court Clerk Howard Gentry. He apologized for the error but said this was a case of mistaken identity. He is planning additional staff training to prevent the error from happening again. But that's not enough for some homeowners to feel safe. One woman talked with Fox 17 News but didn’t want to reveal her identity for safety reasons. She and her husband have lived around the corner from the shooting scene for only eight months. Tired of the crime around them, they sold their home and are moving out of the neighborhood.

“When you don't feel comfortable in your own home, to stay there without your husband home, it's not a home in my opinion. I don't feel safe and I've told my husband I don't feel comfortable having children in this neighborhood and raising a family here anymore.”

Meanwhile, other neighbors say they don’t plan to move but will be more diligent in watching their surroundings.

“I guess it makes you a little nervous but if anything, you are more careful. Keep your eyes open,” said Nancie Kankg.

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