Man cited for going over slot limit for trout at midstate river, TWRA says


A man was cited in Dekalb County for going over the allowed slot limit for trout, the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency said.

TWRA said the man caught 16 trout in total, including five brown trout, eight brook trout and three rainbow trout on the Caney Fork River.

On Jan. 31, an officer observed the man and a woman for an hour and a half. In that time, TWRA said an officer saw the man catch several trout and put them in a bucket. A woman would then bring the bucket to the car, and bring it back to the river, while the man continued to fish.

The officer confronted the duo and found them in possession of 16 trout. The man was cited with three counts of over the limit and two citations for illegal length limit while the woman was giving a warning for aiding and abetting.

TWRA says slot limits on fish ensure great angling opportunities in the area.

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