Midstate couple left with no car tags, title after they said business disappeared

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One month after a middle Tennessee couple purchased a vehicle from a dealer in Madison, they say the business is gone without a trace leaving them with no registration or title.

Carrie and David Newsome are the parents of two young girls. Their 19-month-old has cerebral palsy, which requires them to travel from their Clarksville home to Nashville at least once a week for medical appointments.

“We had been without a vehicle for awhile, and we were kind of desperate,” David said.

With poor credit, growing medical bills and only one income, they needed to purchase a car from a dealership with flexible finance.

After financing a $10,000 SUV at Madison Auto Sales on Myatt Drive in Madison, the couple drove off, expecting their new tags within 30 days.

One month, no tags, and countless unanswered phone calls later, the couple drove past the lot Tuesday, June 26th, the day their “drive-out” tags expired. They said the lot was completely empty.

“We explained to them the situation of why we were desperately in need of a car, so you would think they would have a heart knowing that we were going through what we’re going through,” Carrie said.

She said the bank they financed the car through hasn’t been able to reach the dealership either, and haven’t received a title for the car.

The Newsomes said the DMV told them the vehicle was never registered in Tennessee, and could possibly be stolen.

Carrie said a courtesy officer with the Clarksville Police Department is checking into this claim.

“And now we’re stuck with a vehicle that we’re legally not able to drive,” Carrie said.

Representatives with the Better Business Bureau said Madison Auto Sales has received two complaints in the last three years, leading to a D+ rating for failure to respond to one complaint filed against the business.

Representative Melanie Thompson advised car buyers to always research the dealership beforehand.

“I would hope that no one has to go through this ever again, because it’s horrible,” David said.

Now, the Newsomes are unsure of how they’ll get their daughter to the medical care she needs.

“All these things she needs to make her better, and now we’re in the slump of, we can’t even drive, so what do I do about her appointments next week?” Carrie said.

Carrie said there are other customers who have shared similar experiences with this business on their Facebook page.

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