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Middle Tennessee woman says she was bit by service dog in Walmart

Walmart Dog Bite Incident-Lebanon Police and Submitted

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Lebanon Police Department is asking for help identifying a woman whose dog is believed to have bit a woman at a Walmart.

Amber Cooper says she was standing in an aisle when the woman and her service dog came walking down the opposite end of the aisle.

"I ignored the dog because I know service dogs aren't supposed to be messed with," Amber says. Amber continued down the aisle and stopped to look at something when she says the dog bit her in the leg.

"I went to go clean my leg off in the restroom because it was bleeding pretty badly," Amber says. "When I went to report what happened to Walmart, she (woman) had left."

Amber says she had to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics for the bite. Doctors were going to have to stitch her wounds but decided to leave them open so the bacteria could drain out.

Lebanon Police have issued a call for help identifying the dog's owner in an effort to ask questions about the incident. Police are asking anyone who can identify her to call 615-444-2323, follow the prompts for Dispatch and ask for Animal Control.

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