Middle Tennessee rivers approach flood stage with heavy rain this week

(Fox 17 News)

Several rivers, creeks and streams in middle Tennessee are approaching flood stage with this week's heavy rain.

Most of middle Tennessee remains under a flood advisory for rising river levels. SkyWatch 17 Chief Meteorologist Katy Morgan said the Cumberland River is set to reach its highest crest level since the devastating 2010 flood.

As of Wednesday night, the Cumberland sat at 32.72 feet in downtown Nashville. The river is in action stage and expected to rise to 34.4 feet by Thursday. Morgan said minor flooding is possible but nothing over the banks.

Over in Maury County, moderate flooding is a concern for the Duck River. It was expected to rise past flood stage (32 feet) overnight Wednesday and crest at almost 40 feet by Friday.

Heather Abdon and Bella McKinght, who live in Columbia, said they're watching the rising river levels.

"There is a dry creek behind our house, and it's actually a river right now," Abdon said. "We're not real concerned with it getting to our house. When it flooded back in 2010 real bad, it didn't get into our house but it is pretty flooded back there."

While they aren't worried about their homes flooding, the pair expressed concern for Riverside Elementary School, which is just off the Duck River in Columbia.

"The park is probably going to flood more than likely Abdon said. "However my concern is the school over there because when it floods it really gets up into the school."

Flash flooding will be a concern for some areas well into Thursday as the rain tapers off late morning. Several school districts have delayed or canceled school on Thursday for flooding concerns. CLICK HERE to check the latets school closings/dealys.

The SkyWatch17 team is monitoring several other rivers and creeks for minor-moderate flooding.

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