Middle Tennessee mom says 2-year-old son was beaten in babysitter's care

(Submitted to FOX 17 News)

A midstate mother who claims her son was beaten while in a babysitter's care and police won't do anything about it.

A warning -- the pictures in this story are hard to look at.

The Murfreesboro mom says she just wants justice for her son “Hero,” who was injured in February allegedly by the sitter's husband.

Murfreesboro Police tell FOX 17 News they did investigate this case, but can't yet determine who is at fault -- so they can't hand it over to prosecutors.

Photos show the boy completely bruised on the middle of his back all the way down.

It's hard for anyone see images like this – some showing a perfect mark of a coat hanger.

"I haven't seen these pictures since it happened, Brittany Mummel Lee said. “I won't look at them but now..."

Lee says this happened to her son, Hero on Feb. 5 while in the care of a babysitter.

“I trusted them fully until this happened,” Lee said.

Lee says the babysitter and her husband allegedly told her.

“The husband's 14-year-old daughter must have spanked my son, we took him to the hospital, we called the police. We called DCS, but it was the husband,” Lee said. “From the marks, you can tell a 14-year-old couldn't have done that to 2-year-old boy, it was definitely a grown man who put his hands on him.”

A lot of hand prints, blood blisters a lot of trauma that still impacts her son.

“He had a complete meltdown and I tried to contact the detective, I've talked to DCS, they did their job,” Lee said. “I just went silent and haven't heard anything and I became an angry mom. I wanted justice for my child so I took it to social media.”

While hashtag #JusticeForHero spreads online, Lee's fiancé says in the last six months, Hero's mom and dad have stayed calm in the face of adversity.

“Watching her and the father, they have been incredible, to stay calm and let these people do their jobs,” Haley Casey said. “But, it's time to figure out what we can do.”

“He's suffering, my oldest son is suffering,” Lee said. “He watched his baby brother get beaten and they tell me about it. This little 2-year-old, my son was beaten and absolutely nothing has been done about it. I don't understand that.”

Lee says she works part-time now because she doesn't trust anyone to watch any of her kids.

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