GRAPHIC: Middle Tennesseans disturbed after mutilated animal parts found at campsite

Photos submitted to FOX 17 News

*WARNING: Graphic photos at the bottom of this story*

A Mount Pleasant woman says she’s traumatized after finding a pile of mutilated animal remains near a campground, including a dog, a calf, and nearly a dozen deer.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says she was driving to her secluded cabin in the woods in Hohenwald when she noticed the animals in a clearing off of Natchez Trace Parkway.

This spot is less than a mile from the Natchez Trace RV Campground, and about four miles away from her cabin.

"It looks like someone killed them, and then played with them or mutilated them, the woman said.

She found a dog with its eyes gouged out, a deceased calf with a rope still around its ankles, and nearly a dozen deer with various body parts missing, including heads and legs cut off.

"Honestly, I was scared,” she said. “I kept thinking like something out of a horror movie. Why are you getting out of your car, why are you even photographing this?"

She says most of the remains did not look like the usual outcome of a successful hunt.

Even more disturbing for the woman, this spot is close to a family campground.

"There's kids that come out there on their four-wheelers, their dirt bikes, and they use this area, and I really want the parents to know, don't just let them ride out in this area unattended," she said.

She said she reported it to the Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, as well as the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

TWRA Representative Barry Cross said someone with the agency may check on the remains soon, but at this time, they’re not investigating it as suspicious, mainly because they do not know how the animals died.

He said if someone is responsible for this, the only charges they could face are littering, or possibly killing a number of deer above their tag limit.

Cross said after someone legally hunts and kills an animal, they are free to dress it in any way they see fit.

Still, the woman who spoke with FOX 17 News said she is deeply disturbed by this, and will not be driving on that road alone anymore.

"If there's someone in that area that's willing to do this to an animal or animals, multiple animals, then yes, it raises all kinds of red flags for me,” she said.

The woman said this is private property, and a group called the Chief Creek Hunting Club that claims to lease the land for hunting says they are alarmed by these remains as well.

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